Brew Monday!

Brew Monday!

On (formerly known as 'Blue') Monday 15th January we took what used to be the darkest, most miserable day of the year and did our bit to turn the tide.

Loyal customer, Mark Hancock, owner of 2Technical IT, gave away his entire pile of some 12,000 loyalty points which he had refused to spend, because he's that loyal. We decided to help him diminish his loyalty stockpile by giving away one free coffee per person across all three of our locations on Monday 15th January, not Blue Monday- Brew Monday!

The whole day we were raising money for Samaritans Plymouth who were around with their outreach team so anyone could drop in for a coffee and a chat, people brought their friends and some people even made some new friends!

We ended up giving out well over one hundred free coffees across the city and witnessed first-hand the joy of a community coming together! Huge thanks to Mark for helping us to highlight the amazing work of Samaritans Plymouth and turn the tide on Blue Monday.

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